Welcome to Paws and All Mobile Grooming – Let’s talk about how this service Works,

As pet owners ourselves, the team at Paws and All understands how stressful it can be to take your pup to a busy grooming shop, We know some dogs just can’t cope with going to the grooming parlour, they pick up on the energy of their environment and other dogs around them and end up stressing or being difficult to handle. Therefore, and we have made sure that we have the perfect solution.

We bring a grooming parlour on wheels right to your home or office!

You can make your bookings online in real-time, meaning you find a spot-Book-Pay and await our prompt arrival. Or if you prefer you can make use of our WhatsApp number and book that way. We will be in touch via email and WhatsApp from the time you made the booking till the day of your appointment and on the morning of your appointment your team will take over communications and ensure that your appointment runs smoothly.

When we arrive all we need from you is access to your property, a plug point, and a garden tap and of course your “pawsome” pets😊

Our groomers are experienced in both breed-specific and general dog grooming styles. They can also be a little artistic at times so, feel free to provide us with a picture should you have creative ideas!

We use hot (warm) water for the shower bathing process and each pet enjoys a high-quality grooming session in one of our super cute mobile grooming mini trucks or trailers.

We groom and style your fur-kids in a controlled, quiet cage free, and safe environment without interruptions to ensure the best possible grooming experience.

Mobile grooming and Cats…

All cats need to be crated and handed to the groomers crated. If your cat runs away before handed over in the mobile unit you will be required to pay for the visit, kindly adhere to this rule for our cat grooming service.

  • Our services are drug free. We do not use sedatives of any kind on your pet and also avoid muzzles at all costs.

  • Our teams do a quick 7-point check on your pets before starting their grooming and will always note and notify potential warning signs any injuries or problems and health issues they can pick up.

Products on board our parlours on wheels…

We only use the paws and all PRO-care range of natural, pet-safe, biodegradable products on your pets. We would never use anything on your dog that we don’t use on our own. Each groom is customized to your pet’s unique skin and coat needs. what’s more is that you can buy our products for home use to keep your pets – Paws and All Fresh in between their grooming appointments!

The Paws and All Foundation Groom

Our legendary all-inclusive Foundation groom package is perfect for any pet if all they need is a slight a spruce-up but don’t really need shaving or styling.

A Foundation Groom will last between 30 min – 1 hour depending on breed and coat selection and styling may add an additional 20 min-30min to this time.

The Foundation groom is an all-inclusive care package and the only add-on required is to indicate when you ad-a-shave or when general breed or special styling is required.

We take pride in continuing our education and constantly strive to provide comfort to each pet in our care.

We are pet safety trained and NPGASA (National Pet Groomers Association of South Africa) certified.

(for more info about NPGASA visit www.npgasa.org.za)