Welcome to Paws and All Parlour Grooming

With Paws and All you can effortlessly book online in your own time or if you prefer you can make use of our WhatsApp number and book that way. Each Client is checked in individually at our parlour. You will be greeted by a caring knowledgeable team and will find our professional pet grooming parlour demonstrates our passion for pets.

At Check in you will be asked a few important general health questions, this is your chance to speak up as we tailor the service around this information provided and is where we discuss the styling options available or suitable for your pet’s coat. We will give advice on routine general pet care matters and skin problems but, will refer your pet to your veterinarian for any serious issue we may pick up, Thanks to our quick hands on7 point check we do on each pet before grooming starts we have helped many pets before thing get serious.

Individualised feedback on any health concerns regarding your pet is provided to owners after each visit.

Paws and All crew members are enthusiastic pet-lovers who will take special care of your pets  and offer holistic grooming experience making sure every pet walks out with all the bells and whistles attended to.

Our groomers are experienced in both breed-specific and general dog grooming. They can also be a little artistic at times so feel free to provide us with a picture should you get creative ideas! If you aren’t sure what style would best suit your dog, allow us to advise you. On-going training in the latest skills keeps our Parlour offering superb service!

Our waiting facilities are large and airy and do not make our visitors feel confined. The cages we use for the short in-between waits allow the pets to relax for a few minutes with a bowl of fresh water some pets require breaks in between the different station sessions so it can happen at any point when needed and this can ad some time to the visit. Our staff are trained to notice and monitor the pets stress levels and adjust any sessions to accommodate the pets’ individual needs. Our housings are well maintained and safe, the pets love it inside them. Rest assured that we do not allow long cage waiting.

Your pet’s comfort is assured in our tranquil atmosphere, enhanced by gentle background music and climate control. We use warm water to the bathing process and our dryers are professional pet dyers with variable velocity speed – They put out Low heat to avoid scolding. Different dog coats have different drying needs so we can accommodate this with ease.

Our facilities offer an ideal environment to handle larger pets, the facilities are particularly helpful for older or arthritic pets or after surgery visitors – Dogs simply love it!

To ensure your pet’s safety, the Parlour is access-controlled and transition in and out of the Parlour is only in secure carriers or on a lead. and we only allow one family in the parlour at a time-kindly ring the bell and que outside for the safety of your pets and those inside.

To avoid your pet having to stay at the Parlour for too long, our visits are by appointment… walk-ins are welcome but, please consider your pet by not leaving them at the parlour longer than required.

A Foundation Groom will last between 1.5 – 2 hours and styling may add an additional 20 min-30min to this time.

We will agree to a time for you to drop off and pick up there will be flexibility on these times to fit in with your needs we promise pets will be treated with kindness and care while they are with us. They will be provided with water and toilet breaks if required.

At Paws and All pet safety first is our motto. All our staff is dedicated to this, compassionate, experienced, and skilled.

We take the utmost care when we shave or style and groom your Pets, making sure they stay safe and get the best care possible.

When it comes to cats, we offer safe secure cat grooming in your dedicated cat grooming room but, can’t offer calming products it’s against our policy so their grooming sessions may take longer please discuss your pets visit time with us.

For your convenience, your pets can be collected and delivered if required – We will transport your pets with great care.

Products we use in the parlour

We use the Paws and All PRO-care range of natural, pet-safe, products. We would never use anything on your dog that we don’t use on our own pups. Each groom is customized to your pet’s unique skin and coat needs. what’s more is that you can buy our products for home use to keep your pets Paws and All Fresh in between their grooming appointments!

We are NPGASA (National Pet Groomers Association of South Africa) certified.

(for more information on this visit www.npgasa.org.za)