When returning from the grooming appointment your pet might show some of the following reactions :

  1. Signs of itching and jumpiness for no apparent reason. (they are feeling and experiencing the world a bit differently and the slightest wind or movement of their bodies could cause a jarring or itching reaction…This is normal …help them by putting a bit of baby powder on the body to ease the itching).

  2. More loose hair. For many dogs with shedding coats, the process of bathing, blow-drying and brushing, will release a lot of loose and shedding hair. This might get worse for a few days after the grooming session. It is normal. They will also continue to shed (loose hair) for a longer period of time, as it is a normal body function for them. Please also remember that no single grooming session will ever be able to get rid of the shedding or loose hair in one go…it will require regular visits to do so….

  3. Butt dragging or scratching …this can become worse as they could potentially inflict more harm themselves . The sanitary trim can have them feel the wind and the grass and the carpet in a whole new way…..(it could sting or scratch or startle them more than they are used to and they would need to be assisted with putting a bit of baby powder or ointment on the area to ease the itch or irritation)

  4. Head shaking in the case of ears being shaved or trimmed …it feels weird to them. For some breeds, the change in weight of the hair alone that was removed, will feel strange and they might feel some discomfort because of this. They could also have some water in their ear from the bathing and rinsing….(help them get it out by letting them lay on their side or back while gently massaging the base of the ear…it will drain in no time.

  5. Chewing or licking of paws….especially if the hair on the paws have been shaved or trimmed a lot shorter than it was before.( the pads and skin between the pads are more exposed to the grass and ground and can cause some irritation or even an allergic reaction…(often a red swollen area that they will lick or bite) treat it with some anti inflammatory ointment or an Epsom salt solution for soaking the foot or feet.

  6. Being a bit tired and drowsy when getting home……(the adrenaline and excitement of the process tires them out quite a bit and they may feel the need for a nap…) it is normal unless any other symptoms of distress show up….speak to your veterinarian immediately when you feel uncomfortable.

  7. Some red or irritated skin ….especially if the shave was a short shave ( summer cut) The skin, as you would expect can get a bit irritated with the clipper comb going over the area to shave. (the blade actually newer touch their skin) Also, a type of clipper burn ( not always from heat) can happen with the skin irritation of the clipper possibly pulling on the hair as it moves…Men know this from shaving sometimes….a cooling gel or anti inflammatory ointment might relieve the irritation….seek veterinary help if it gets worse (the irritation and itch might cause them to scratch and with the newly trimmed nails [still a bit sharp] they can cause even more damage…)