Terms of service

The following needs to be understood and accepted.

  1. The appointment confirmation is intended to provide you with the detail of your selected date and time . Please note that there might be emergency scheduling changes after you have received this confirmation. We will however update you and your appointment information if this happens.
  2. Please allow us some lee-way on the arrival time...we work with animals and they can sometimes be very unpredictable and un-cooperative. Their behavior might delay our visit and make us late for your appointment. Also , sometimes things go a bit faster than expected and we might be earlier than scheduled…please accept our apologies for this in advance…
  3. Again referring to the unpredictability of working with animals , there might be instances of injuries. Both to our grooming staff or even possibly to your pet…This although very rare, is unfortunately a reality. BUTWe can assure you that we do our utmost to avoid this and make every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of your fur-baby and take special care to avoid any possible injuries.
  4. Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with our Different teams (mobile grooming | Home grooming | Parlour grooming. Also our policies on De-matting, dangerous animals, and  How we work.
  5. Payment of the services we provide, when not made via payfast, needs to be made by EFT by no later than the  day before the appointment day. We reserve the right to cancel any unpaid bookings.
  6. We do not dip your pet. There are simply too many different types and quality of dips on the market and we have found too many fur-babies having sensitivity or allergies to certain dips or treatments to ensure the safe usage in our business. The risks are simply not acceptable and the client will need to provide this preventative treatment themselves , at home.
  7. Cat grooming is “risky business” There are a numerous issues that could affect the outcome of a Cat grooming visit. It is important to give as much information as possible when doing the booking. Also, Please ensure that your cat is crated or confined in an enclosed space and will be easy to access when the grooming team need to get started. We cannot chase or try to catch your cat-baby in order for them to be groomed. This increases their stress and adrenaline levels and make the process more difficult. Also, it wastes a lot of time and affect our schedule and day planning. 
  8. We need to know about any potential danger we might face when grooming your pet. If we know beforehand, we can plan and ensure that our staff are safe and your pet does not get injured. Aggressive dogs might need to be muzzled and/or restrained. If this is required but you do not approve, we will retain the right to refuse grooming this pet. If all of these precautions are taken and the dangers are not negated, we might still decide to refuse to groom the pet. If you know about or have had previous bad experiences with your pet with other grooming providers and fail to notify or warn us of the potential danger, you might be held liable for any damage or injuries inflicted by your pet.
  9. We value your feedback on your experience with us. Please let us know when you are happy and satisfied as well as when you are not...We can only change and improve on the things we know about.